Non-invasive prenatal testing for chromosomal disorders in an unborn child

Dear Patient, perhaps you have become pregnant late in life or your physician has identified a risk for chromosomal disorders in your unborn child. This may now have you worried about the health of your child. The PrenaTest® may be able to help alleviate these worries. It is a safe procedure that is harmless to your unborn child. Before you continue reading, here are two important facts that are good to know:


  • Nearly all children are born healthy.
  • Over 98% of all PrenaTest® results are normal, even when previous examinations pointed to an initial suspicion.

Find out more about the PrenaTest® by reading the following pages and request a complete explanation and counseling from your doctor. 

Comprehensive test spectrum starting in at ninth week of pregnancy (9+0)

Once your ninth week of pregnancy has elapsed, the PrenaTest® is able to detect trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), 18 and 13, as well as Turner, triple X, Klinefelter, and XYY syndromes in your unborn child. The gender of your child can also be determined, upon request.

Pregnancies involving IVF, ICSI or donor eggs

The PrenaTest® can also be used without restrictions following fertility treatments. You don’t even have to tell us about your fertility treatment – it is not necessary for us to know about it in order for the test to be successful.

Rapid test results

You can receive your test results usually in 4 to 6 business days. 

In case of single and twin pregnancies

The PrenaTest® also works in the case of twin pregnancies – at no extra charge of course.

Data privacy and data security

The PrenaTest® is completely developed and performed within Germany. Your blood samples and data will remain in Germany.

Patient profile

55 %

… of women, who have undergone the PrenaTest® are over 35 years of age.

Wait time

4 – 6

… business days.

Cost coverage

> 50

 … health insurance funds cover the cost of the test in many cases.


99,8 %

…  of all blood samples have been correctly determinded in studies.

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