PrenaTest® – Cost coverage by health insurance funds

In many cases health insurance funds already cover the costs of the PrenaTest® in Germany and in Switzerland

The PrenaTest® is a self-pay service and cannot be invoiced to your health insurance fund. The PrenaTest® and the associated services must be paid by the patient. However, over 50 private and statutory health insurance funds in Germany and Switzerland have already covered the costs for the PrenaTest® based on individual situations.


New in Switzerland:

The PrenaTest® is now reimbursed in Switzerland by Helsana’s private supplemental insurance PRIMEO. A precondition for cost coverage is conclusion of the PRIMEO supplementary healthcare insurance. But women with Helsana insurance without PRIMEO also benefit from the new partnership beetween LifeCodexx AG and Helsana (Helsana PRIMEO partner certificate). They also receive the blood test under preferential conditions. The Helsana Group is the leading Swiss health and accident insurers.


Check with your health insurance fund to find out if some or all of the costs of the PrenaTest® are covered. Please do as follows:


  • In Germany
    1. Check with your health insurance fund concerning cost-sharing before undergoing the PrenaTest®.
    2. Download one of the three estimates based on your selected PrenaTest® option (1, 2 or 3). These PDF-files include interactive fields that you can complete electronically. In order to be able to enter your personal information (address, health insurance fund) in the fields and print out the file, save it to your computer first, the complete it with Adobe Reader. The files are unable to be completed online.
    3. Request a written note from your physician explaining the medical issue, for which the PrenaTest® is of interest to you.You and your doctor can find drafts of such cost coverage request forms for the PrenaTest® analysis here:
    4. If your health insurance fund approves your request, be sure to also confirm whether the health insurance fund is able to pay LifeCodexx AG directly for the PrenaTest®. Your health insurance fund will provide you with a corresponding form (Transfer of costs declaration) Or you can download this template
      1. LifeCodexx template for the transfer of costs for the PrenaTest® (in German language)
  • In Switzerland


    NEW – Helsana will now cover the costs of the PrenaTest®

    Helsana will reimburse the costs of the PrenaTest® if you meet certain conditions:


    1. You are covered by PRIMEO supplementary healthcare insurance (reimbursement is made in accordance with the policy conditions of the PRIMEO supplementary healthcare insurance).
    2. You are covered by one of the following insurance funds:
      • Helsana Versicherungen AG
      • Progrès Versicherungen AG
      • Sansan Versicherungen AG
      • Avanex Versicherungen AG
    3. You meet one of the following preconditions:
      • You are over age 35
      • You are under age 35 and your physician has identified an increased risk for chromosomal disorders in your unborn child or you suffer from psychological stress

    If you are covered by one of the aforementioned insurance funds, and you meet one of the preconditions, but you are not covered by PRIMEO supplementary healthcare insurance, you are still entitled to receive the PrenaTest® with Express service at a reduced price.


    Please do as follows:

    Take the printed PrenaTest® patient request form for Switzerland to your next doctor´s appointment and discuss your personal situation with your responsible physician.

  • In Austria

    The PrenaTest® is known as a self-pay service. This means that you must pay the costs yourself. The PrenaTest® and all realted services have to be paid yourself.

    The price depends on the scope of the selected test. Discuss with your doctor which cromosomal disorders may be of significance for you. Payment is made directly with your doctor. He will inform you in advance about the current prices.



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