PrenaTest® – the price

The scope of the selected test determines the price

Consult your doctor to decide which test might be appropriate to you. Prior to taking the test clarify with your health insurance company whether they will cover the costs.

 What does the PrenaTest® cost and how do I pay?

The price depends on the scope of the selected test. Discuss with your doctor which chromosomal disorders may be of significance for you. Payment is made via direct debit. The amount will not be debited until the test result has been forwarded to your doctor.

Can be used in the case of / followingPrenaTest® Option 1
Trisomy 21,
gender determination
PrenaTest® Option 2
Trisomies 21, 18, 13,
gender determination
PrenaTest® Option 3
Trisomies 21, 18, 13,
Maldistribution of the
sex chromosomes,
gender determination
Single pregnancy
Twin pregnancy
All fertility treatments
(IVF, ICSI etc.)
Test result for Option 1 usually in 2 – 6 business days**.
Test result for Option 2 & 3 usually in 4 – 6 business days**.

Will my health insurance plan cover the costs of the PrenaTest®?

The PrenaTest® is known as a self-pay service. This means that you must pay the costs yourself. However, private as well as statutory health insurance plans have already paid for the costs in many individual cases. Therefore you must clarify whether your health insurance plan will also cover the costs, if applicable. Our step-by-step instructions (applicable for Germany) with many useful templates will help you.

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