The PrenaTest® brand

Committed to the highest quality

PrenaTest® – Committed to quality

With our PraenaTest® and PrenaTest® brands we are committed to providing quality at the highest level. Our brand statements include a guarantee for expectant mothers and their treating physicians that their blood samples will be safely, reliably, and quickly analyzed in Germany.


PrenaTest® – currently covered by many health insurance providers already

Based on its high level of quality, the PrenaTest® will be included as a standard benefit under statutory health insurance within Germany on a trial basis. This would bring us that much closer to our goal of providing the greatest possible number of at-risk expectant mothers with access to the PrenaTest®. The inclusion of the PrenaTest® as a standard benefit could also become a reality in other European countries within the foreseeable future. More than 50 health insurance funds within Germany and Switzerland already cover the costs of the test in many individual cases.

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