Eurofins LifeCodexx also supports corporate employee testing and screening programs for COVID-19 infection risks

  • Foster safe return of employees to their workplaces
  • Minimize risks of cross-contamination to sensitive products (e.g. in the food, pharma, food packaging or retail / wholesale industry).
  • Limit downtime-risks for large institutions and corporations
  • Support faster restart of local economies

More information you can also find in the Safer at work brochure. and Comprehensive solutions to keep your staff and customers safer during the COVID-19 pandemic or have a look at the video:



To facilitate corporate COVID-19 Testing needs, Eurofins LifeCodexx offers an end-to-end service package to institutions and corporations, which allow for rapid and safe testing of individuals through an expedited process from sampling to reporting. Tests can be performed easily on nasopharyngeal dry-swabs (other sampling types upon request).




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