COVID-19 Testing (sars-COV-2)


LifeCodexx offers high volume COVID-19 testing by quantitative Real-time PCR

With existing shortage of COVID-19 testing capabilities in many healthcare systems around the world, Eurofins LifeCodexx has set up a dedicated testing platform for sarsCoV-2 detection by quantitative Real-time PCR (RT-PCR) for international markets.


Our testing capacity provides priority testing to patients, healthcare workers and risk groups (e.g. elderly people), according to interactional recommendations.

With our end-to-end testing offer, Eurofins can support international  laboratories and healthcare provider to better cope with overwhelming testing demands and also provide direct services to laboratory institutions, public or private healthcare institutions and governmental healthcare initiatives.


Eurofins LifeCodexx – a Leader in Real-Time PCR application

Eurofins LifeCodexx is a leading and highly specialized clinical genetic laboratory with high throughput production infrastructure of quantitative Real-time PCR (RT-PCR) technologies and Next generation sequencing (NGS). Our teams are dedicated and capable managing large clinical sample quantities through well-established laboratory processes and broad technical infrastructure and platforms in a scalable manner. We use only validated test systems according to detection recommendations and specifications, as issued by the WHO.

LifeCodexx also supports corporate screening programs for sensitive and critical industry sectors – please find details here.

COVID-Testing Logistics

Sampling requirements and shipping

Eurofins LifeCodexx can accept a variety of COVID-19 sample-types; please check with us prior sample submission compatibility of your sample type for fast and efficient processing. LifeCodexx will submit detailed specifications and processes upon request.

Please check here for details including shipping standards please by the WHO here.


Testing Recommendations COVID-19

Please check the most recent applicable laboratory testing recommendations for COVID-19 on the WHO-website.

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