Eurofins LifeCodexx

First NIPT provider in Europe

Headquartered in Konstanz (Germany), Eurofins LifeCodexx has been developing innovative and clinically validated non-invasive prenatal tests since 2010. With the launch of the PrenaTest® in 2012, Europe’s first non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) for the determination of the most common chromosomal disorders in unborn children, Eurofins LifeCodexx has been changing prenatal diagnostics considerably. Today the PrenaTest® is firmly established in many prenatal practices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia as a reliable, rapid and safe examination method. LifeCodexx was aquired by Eurofins Scientific beginning 2018, thus strengthening the group’s technology portfolio in the NIPT field.


LifeCodexx international

We cooperate with experienced laboratory service providers and providers of in-vitro diagnostics in many countries worldwide. They provide the PrenaTest® to qualified practices and clinics in the respective countries. Click here to find out in which countries the PrenaTest® is offered.


Dr. Ostrowski

Prenatal diagnostics today

„Today the method of the PrenaTest® is an integral part of prenatal diagnostics.“

Dr. med. Thomas von Ostrowski
Specialist in obstretrics and gynecology, fertility and prenatal diagnostics, Dorsten
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