Preparation of your doctor’s appointment

What you can do prior to your doctor’s appointment

Dear expectant mother,

would you like to discuss with your doctor whether the PrenaTest® is appropriate for you? Then it might be useful if you prepared your doctor’s appointment in advance.


Read our our frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ). Write down your most important questions so that you receive clear and sufficient information from your doctor. Write down your doctor’s answers. If you do not understand an answer – inquire again. Repeat in your own words what you have understood. This prevents misunderstandings.


Also, check with your health insurance fund concerning cost-sharing before undergoing the PrenaTest®. Many health insurance funds in Germany cover the costs of the PrenaTest® in individual situations, even though it is a self-pay service. Click here for a a step-by-step guide with useful templates (applicable to Germany). Please read our data privacy notice for patients.


If your practice does not offer the PrenaTest® yet but is considering doing so, then ask your doctor to contact us directly (Service Phone +49 (0) 7531-9769460).