Our values

Committed to highest quality

We give clarity.

All of our work is focused on providing expectant women with reliable and safe genetic tests that enable them to make informed and self-determined decisions at an early point in their pregnancies.


Our values and principles
  • Highest quality, safety and reliability of our genetic tests have top priority. For this, we continuously monitor our tests and their examination processes for compliance with strict German and European quality standards. In addition, they are regularly controlled by an independent certification body on behalf of the government.
  • We develop our genetic tests exclusively in Germany. With this we aim to make a lasting contribution to ensuring that Germany remains an important centre of research and development. The test is carried out in certified laboratories either in Germany or in the respective country in which demand exists for these tests.
  • We are always aware of the sensitivity of the data collected through our activities. We guarantee the protection and security of all personal data.
  • Our approach is shaped by exceptional compassion, respect, and esteem, especially for expectant mothers and their families, as well as for their treating physicians and the interested public. It is our desire to provide competent and transparent care at all times in accordance with each personal situation.
  • We draw our motivation and strength from the constructive, faithful, and long-standing collaboration with our employees, associates, and the many physicians who have chosen to offer our high-quality genetic tests to their patients.
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