Non-invasive prenatal testing for chromosomal disorders in an unborn child

Dear expectant mother,

In the next few months, you will be experiencing some touching and exciting moments. Your doctor will support you during this time and provide you with information about possible prenatal tests. These tests are intended to track your health and the development of your child in order to detect any risks early on. The PrenaTest® is a safe test that is harmless to your unborn child. He may help relieve your concerns and worries about possible health problems in your child. Here are two important facts that are good to know:


  • Nearly all children are born healthy.
  • Over 98% of all PrenaTest® results are normal, even when previous examinations pointed to an initial suspicion.

Find out more about the PrenaTest® by reading the following pages and request a complete explanation and counseling from your doctor.

High test accuracy

Rapid test result

Comprehensive test spectrum

Reimbursement by many health insurance funds in Germany

Performed in Germany & Switzerland