The procedure in practice

How it works in your practice – from your order of PrenaTest® blood collection sets up to the result report

If you are providing the PrenaTest® at your practice, we will supply you with PrenaTest® blood sampling sets. Use one set for each patient. Each set includes two special blood sample tubes, one set of documents, and the instructions for blood collection and samples shipment.

1. Ordering PrenaTest® blood sampling sets

Order PrenaTest® blood sampling sets with special blood sample tubes.

2. Genetic counseling

Together with your patient, determine the chromosomal disorders to be tested for and select from among the three test options.

3. Completing the forms

Provide one copy of each form to the patient.

4. Blood sampling

Collect your patient’s blood using the supplied blood sampling system. Place the blood samples in the return shipment box and store them in the refrigerator until they are shipped.

5. Samples shipment

Notify our courier service using the supplied fax form. Samples are shipped directly to LifeCodexx AG (Konstanz) with delivery by next business day.

6. Test performance

The test is completed within 4-6 business days .

7. Submission of the test results to the physician

As the responsible physician, you will receive the results report by fax and mail. You can choose the language: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch or Turkish. (You can choose one or more languages).

8. Disclosure of the results to the patient

As the responsible physician, you will disclose the PrenaTest® results to the patient.