PrenaTest® is now available in over 30 countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia

Constance, Germany– Following the successful market launch of the PrenaTest® in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, Europe’s first non-invasive molecular genetic blood test for the detection of fetal trisomy 21 from maternal blood is now available in selected gynecologic practices and prenatal diagnostic clinics in Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey.


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About 1,000 women have opted for PrenaTest® since market launch

Constance, Germany – In the first three months after market launch, close to 1,000 pregnant women have opted for the PrenaTest®, Europe’s first non-invasive molecular genetic blood test for the detection of fetal trisomy 21. All of them were at risk for trisomy 21 in the unborn child.


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PrenaTest® now available in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Constance, Germany – As of today, PrenaTest® is available in more than 70 qualified prenatal diagnostic practices and clinics in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.
PrenaTest® is a highly accurate non-invasive genetic blood test which is intended for use among women with pregnancies at high risk for fetal aneuploidy, specifically to detect fetal trisomy 21


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GATC daughter LifeCodexx successfully completes clinical validation of its noninvasive prenatal test method of trisomy 21

Constance, Germany – GATC daughter LifeCodexx AG today announced the successful completion of the clinical validation study of its noninvasive test method for the detection of fetal trisomy 21 from maternal blood using Next Generation sequencing. First results from the prospective blinded multi-center study demonstrate highest clinical accuracy for the planned commercial PrenaTest® test design based on Cell-Free DNA® blood collection tubes (BCT), detecting all positive cases of fetal trisomy 21 (100% sensitivity) with no false positive calls (100% specificity). 


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GATC Biotech and LifeCodexx complete recruitment of blood samples for clinical study of trisomy 21 diagnostic test

Constance, Germany – GATC Biotech AG and its subsidiary LifeCodexx AG successfully completed the recruitment of over 500 blood samples required for the clinical study of the non-invasive prenatal diagnostic test for the determination of trisomy 21 (LifeCodexx PrenaTest®). The prospective and blinded study evaluates this new molecular genetic method in comparison with conventional invasive methods and is based on the Next Generation sequencing of cell-free fetal DNA from maternal blood.


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Sequenom announces European licensing agreement with GATC subsidiary LifeCodexx

San Diego, California / Constance, Germany – Sequenom, Inc. (NASDAQ: SQNM), a life sciences company providing innovative genetic analysis solutions, today announced it has partnered with LifeCodexx AG, a company focused on the development of clinically proven Next Generation Molecular Diagnostics for the commercialization of prenatal laboratory testing services in Europe.


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GATC Biotech and LifeCodexx develop a diagnostic test for early detection of preeclampsia

Constance, Germany – Preeclampsia is a hypertensive disorder of the mother during pregnancy. It is among the leading causes of death of mother and unborn child and occurs in approximately two to five percent of all pregnancies in Germany. Early detection is critical and improves the prognosis for the further course of the pregnancy.

On the basis of next generation sequencing technologies GATC Biotech and LifeCodexx will develop a human genetic diagnostic test that will allow the detection of cell-free fetal DNA as an important early marker.


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Successful pilot study for non-invasive prenatal diagnostic test to determine trisomy 21

Constance, Germany– At the moment, the only reliable way of diagnosing chromosomal irregularities during pregnancy is to use invasive prenatal methods. This causes miscarriage in about one per cent of these risky surgical procedures.

Scientists from the Center for Prenatal Diagnosis and Human Genetics, Kudamm-199, in Berlin have been working with scientists from GATC Biotech AG and LifeCodexx AG to develop a non-invasive diagnostic test based on Next Generation Sequencing which reliably detects a fetal trisomy 21 (Down syndrome).


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GATC subsidiary LifeCodexx AG develops tests for prenatal diagnostics

Constance, Germany – LifeCodexx AG has started operational research and development work on clinically validated diagnostic tests by using Next Generation Sequencing technologies. The work currently focuses on the field of prenatal diagnostics. LifeCodexx will utilize GATC Biotech’s 20 years of experience as well as its sequencing laboratory, which is the European leader with a total capacity of more than 2 terabases per year.


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